The Poetry Plane

The Poetry Postie delivers poetic inspiration to the Nation and is now able to fly airmail thanks to our new, international Poetry Plane project.

The Poetry Plane project sees cargoes of poems-written on seeded paper-being fluttered from the sky.
Where the poems land, they grow into flowers…

We are delighted to be partnering on this project with Cornwall Flying Club and Bodmin airfield, whose on-site meadow has just been awarded County Wildlife Site status by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Natural England and Cornwall Council. 

It was these wild flowers that gave us our original idea of writing poems that could ‘grow.’ We had been hoping to develop our on-going Poetry Postie work so that deliveries could be made via airmail. Using seeded paper would make the deliveries even more exciting!
So we started exploring possibilities and thanks to Peter White and his incredible team at Cornwall Flying Club, the project has now taken off.

The project offers workshops which are fun, engaging and memorable, helping schools fulfil their statutory requirements for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. And because they are led by experts, they not only help raise levels of literacy but also raise aspirations, leading to a lasting sense of pride and achievement.

When I grow up I want to be …you. Do what you do. All this.

The project can be delivered to wider community groups and participants of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs or physical disabilities.
Workshop activities include edible poetry, interactive song writing, flying poems and dancing words and allow those taking part to feel their spirits soar!

I’ve never felt this free! Participant

We have had great fun writing FLYaikus and holding contests to see whose poem can fly the farthest!

Those taking part in the Poetry Plane project have had the chance to become part of our international cultural exchange which will see poems being fluttered from the sky over the Somme on July 1st 2024.  We have been working with schools and libraries in a region of France where many of the battles in WW1 took place and our French counterparts are being inspired to write poetry that can become part of our special cargo.

The poems on seeded paper, written by participants from both the UK and France, will be fluttered over the Somme in July 2024 by pilot John Gilbert from the WW1 Aviation Heritage display team.

The seeds in the seeds paper are poppies, cornflowers and forget-me-nots to represent Britain, France and Germany and they grow to symbolise peace and friendship.
To get involved in this project and find out how to book a workshop please get in touch.


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The Poetry Plane

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The Poetry Postie - delivering poetic inspiration to the Nation!

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