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The Poetry Postie - delivering poetic inspiration to the Nation!
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Catch the Poetry Postie on her rounds where she may have a poetry postcard, lyrical letter or singing telegram for you!

The Poetry Postie has delivered poetic inspiration to the Nation and beyond – including to the United Nations. Her colourful, quirky, interactive projects and performances inspire whole communities to explore the notion of communication – communicating with oneself (something poetry helps one to do) with those close to you and those further away.

Our Poetry Postie – Communities Communicating scheme recently won an award in Westminster and was praised for its ‘Outstanding Creativity.’ It delivers innovative, creative literacy workshops to wide and diverse groups in the community.

Those taking part are inspired to help create the contents of a poetic postbag – including poetry postcards, lyrical letters, sing-o-grams and Parcels of Happiness – that can be delivered during celebratory ‘On the Rounds’ deliveries to those in the community who need them most. We make sure that the deliveries are made by and for absolutely everybody, including those with complex needs and disabilities and those on the margins of our society. 

Our innovative, interactive radio show – Poetry Postie FM – on local radio is able to reach wide and diverse audiences and features work from participants in our projects as well as listeners aged 2 – 92yrs.
Have a listen to one of our shows here:

Our Reporter Packs inspire children and young people to become reporters for the show and we have also been delighted to partner with Beano cartoonists Nick and Fran Brennan from Cartoonfun to create our very own Parcel Pet comic – available from our shop with Parcel Pet kits coming soon!

The Poetry Postie connects communities both locally and globally and we have delivered cultural exchanges as far afield as Cuba and Japan. To find out about our new cultural exchange project where we are flying airmail with a very special cargo, please visit the Poetry Plane page.


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Poetry Postie

The Poetry Postie - delivering poetic inspiration to the Nation!

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The Poetry Postie delivers poetic inspiration to the Nation and is now able to fly airmail thanks to our...

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