Sweetshop of Words

An interactive installation featuring a counter of conceptual confectionary.

The Sweetshop of Words is an interactive installation of conceptual confectionary where members of the public are given a small gold coin to spend-but they can only choose just one thing. It explores the notion of choice in our lives “Choose well. Your choice is brief, yet endless” as Goethe says.

On a light hearted level the work is a nostalgic reminder of the agonizing choice we had as children when we couldn’t decide whether to spend our pocket money on lots of little sweets or buy one big thing like a chocolate bar. On a deeper level it raises the philosophical question of choice – what ultimately in life are we able to choose?

The installation has the feel of a fairground stall with the excitement that each person goes away with a ‘prize’ so to speak. Of more value perhaps however is that each sweet that they choose comes with its own quirky, philosophical inner layer of meaning and the public ‘unwrap‘ this depending on their own choice. What they choose becomes integral to the outcome of the individual interactions which in turn make up the overall piece as a whole. 

The Sweetshop of Words has been performed in galleries, museums and festivals in Europe, including the opening celebrations of the Venice Biennale and at the Poetry Library in Edinburgh for National Poetry Day.
Whilst the installation is for grown-ups, there are jamboree bags of activities for children, including making a magic glass ring; creating mini PinARTa’s and Pop a Poem ‘sweetie’ balloons and sweet shaped earth treats for Nature.

One of the most popular aspects of our public events is the PinARTa bashing.
This involves members of the public helping to fill a specially designed PinARTa with their art work, poetry and objets d’art and then taking part in a ceremonial bashing.
Having a good old ‘whack!’ proves a wonderful way of getting rid of any inner angst, whilst at the same time setting free the poetic goodies inside!

Have a listen to one of our Sweet Serenades and dream of what you’d choose at the Sweetshop of Words..
Let us know if you’d like us to bring our counter of Conceptual Confectionary to one of your events -add a little Dolce Vita to your life!


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Sweetshop of Words

An interactive installation featuring a counter of conceptual confectionary.

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