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Our work is international in scope but with the local community at its heart and we give all those we work with, many of whom are living in very deprived and/or difficult circumstances, the courage-or enCOURAGEment-to find their voice and for this to be heard in ways that will delight and inspire others.

Our approach, by its very nature, encourages participants to be creative and for their ideas to constantly shape each project, allowing it to evolve so that it truly reflects and speaks to the heart of everybody involved.

“ I am in awe of the magic you bring” 
Kate Pordage
Cornwall Council. 

Artconnexion believes like Einstein, that ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.‘ 
We take an intelligent approach to creativity knowing that it leads to growth both of individuals and communities.
We also take a fun approach, knowing that people who are happy and inspired lead inspirational lives.

Our projects appeal to absolutely everybody, regardless of age, background or ability.
The intergenerational nature of our work and the fact that the activities can be adapted to suit all ages means that a grandad of 70 and a child of 5 or a teenager of 14 or a businesswoman of 43 can all take part in exactly the same activity and share the fun, discovering that art and culture is not only for them, but can be made by them. 

“I never knew I could do such things!” 

The powerful contribution creativity and the arts can make to wellbeing and health has just been recognized by an all-parliamentary report and yet in schools and colleges and the workplace, it is being less and less encouraged in favour of highly competitive striving for academic results or a heavier workload.

Those who do not thrive in such a competitive environment or one with excessive targets feel a sense of failure and become more stressed, lonely, anxious and depressed. 

Our workshops are able to bring back the joy, allowing people to regain their energy and enthusiasm, leading to wonderful new ideas, inventions, productivity and zest for life.

Our team have worked for over 25 years on award winning initiatives and have a reputation for devising and delivering innovative projects and events successfully and always within budget. We are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives and the CIC we have developed is a culmination of this experience, of listening to those in our community and working with them to create projects that matter.

“This is wonderful!
Thank you so much for all your hard work for Trelya  and those we work with and now this amazing collaboration!!  
You have made such a big difference already!”  
Sharon Rich
Director, Treyla

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